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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

High Blood Pressure Which Is Known As A Silent Killer

High Blood Pressure and Its Cure

The heart send blood containers which, if joined lengthwise, would cover 75,000 miles. For blood to cruise through such long distances and in all possible directions, a pressure is required, which is created by the heart’s contraction.

 This pressure is known as Blood Pressure. The pressure with which the blood leaves the heart is called the systolic, which is much higher than the pressure with which blood enters the heart on return and is known as diastolic.
The systolic indicates how much force the heart is exerting to send the blood out into the blood containers, while the diastolic shows how much the heart is relaxing.

 The ideal systolic pressure of a healthy adult is 120 and the diastolic should be 80,which is written as 120/80.Children’s blood pressure is much lower than that such as 90/75.And in babies it is still lower. In old people it normally depends on their age.

While generally their diastolic remains the same ,their systolic may increase due to the natural degeneration of the arteries. The systolic pressure of such people is considered normal if the reading is their age plus a hundred.
When the Blood Pressure measures higher than these accepted counts, it is called high blood pressure .A reading of 160/95-105 is considered as mild high blood pressure.

Barring a few who experience some typical symptoms of high blood pressure ,which are dizziness,breathlessness,palpitations,headaches,depression,sleeplessness,chest pain ,loss of appetite, decreased memory and concentration and a flushed complexion, high blood pressure is generally a symptomless ailment.
Often patients come to know of their problem during a routine check-up or after some complications of the disease manifests.Unfortunetely many times the first sign of high blood pressure is a fatal heart attack.

The is why high blood pressure has come to be known as a silent killer.


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