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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Ananda Madirasna and Shashanaksana in Yoga in Daily Routine


·         Sit in Vajrasna.
·         Hold your ankles.
·         Cross your eyes and look at the point in between your eyebrows. Inhale slow and deep 20 times. Bring your hands to your lap and close your eyes.

·         Sit in Vajrasana.
·         Inhaling, raise arms.
·         Exhaling bend forward.
(The arm must remain straight and near the ears).
·         Place forehead and forearms on the ground.
·         Breathe the usually 10 times. (Everyday add a few more inhalations till you reach one hundred breaths).
·         Finish with Shavansana, count 10 inhalations backwards.

Day 3
After Bhramari Pranayama as per the previous day, practise Sheetkari Pranayama.

·         Fold back your tongue. Join the teeth.
·         Twist lips back.
·         Inhale in slow and deep over the mouth producing a mocking sound.
·         At the end of the inhalation, close mouth and exhale naturally from the nose. Repeat 9 times.

Day 4
·         Practise 18 rounds of Bhramari Pranayama instead of 9.
·         Add Sheetli Pranayama after Sheetkari pranayama.
Technique of Sheetli Pranayama:
·         Fold tongue lengthwise to resemble a tube and stick it out.
·         Inhale in slow and deep through the tongue.
·         Drawing the tongue back and closing the mouth, exhale from the nose. Practise 9 rounds.

Day 5
·         Same as the previous day, but growing Sheetkari Pranayama by 9 more rounds.

Day 6
·         Aasanas and Pranayamas are as before. In meditation, repeat the Mantra Soham in Ujjayi Pranayama.

 Technique of Ujjayi pranayama:
·         Contract your throat a little, so that you can feel the breath there. When done appropriately, your inhalations will produce a mild mocking sound.
·         From the seventh day onward if the blood pressure is still high, practise Ujjayi Pranayama, at any time you can for as long as possible till your blood pressure has become normal.

Day 7

Bhramaripranayama, Sheetli Pranayama and Sheetkari Pranayama had better be practised 27 times each. Continue this days’s routine for another week.

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